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Designed in collaboration with Zoe Fisher.

Web design & development




Many of the UK-based record label's releases are now accompanied by an art-directed microsite. Our role is to advise on the designs from a technical point of view, then realize them.
In addition to this, we have developed a custom CMS that manages all of the sites and their varying content, and streamlined the design-through-development workflows.

Little Baby Angel

Designed by Genevieve & Cameron Morse


Designed by LuckyMe


Designed by LuckyMe. Project included a .onion preview.

Parc En Ciel

Designed by LuckyMe

Eclair Fifi

Designed by LuckyMe

Sam OB

Designed by LuckyMe

Mev Luna

Designed in collaboration with Mev Luna.

Art Direction by Lauryn Siegel

All Occasions Club

Design & Development

The Studio Gold

Designed by Chris Golden

Tkay Maidza

Designed by Chris Golden

Shadow Hill

Designed by Chris Golden

Built with Kirby

Katelyn Eichwald

Design & Development